ORK Framework – RPG Engine Unity [2.9.0 Unity 5.4]


ORK Framework – RPG Engine UnityORK Framework - RPG Engine

The complete RPG Engine for Unity

ORK Framework is a highly flexible system that allows you to create your own role-playing game without any coding. You create your status system, abilities, items and equipment – and everything else that’s needed – in the ORK Framework editor. Use the ORK Scene Wizard to bring your content into your game.

You’re not limited to creating RPGs with ORK Framework, it can also be used for other genres like action adventures, Zelda style games or any other game with role-playing game elements in it.

Some of the countless features:
– 4 different battle systems (Turn Based, Active Time, Real Time and Phase Battles)
– Optional grid battles available for all 4 battle systems
– Powerful, node-based event system used for cut-scenes, quests, animating battles and many other things
– Status system, items, abilities, equipment system, …
– Faction system
– Supports multiple languages
– Menu system, shop system, HUDs, …
– Quest system with automatic progress monitoring
– Bestiary system to learn status information about encountered enemies
– Code access to gameplay related code
– Plugin system ……

Try and download the DEMO

More Information about ORK Framework




Supported platforms
Officially supports WindowsMacWeb PlayerAndroid and iOS. Supports 2D and 3D games.

ORK Framework supports the new UI.

Last version for Unity 4.6 is ORK 2.3.1 – newer versions are only available with Unity 5. Contact me if you need older versions.


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