Android Native Plugin v7.4 [ Download Free ]

Android Native Plugin v7.4



Android Native Plugin for Unity3d will help you access features on Android devices within unity3d application.
Requires Unity 4.6.0 or higher.
All native Android features you need in one plugin!



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Source Code is Open! (eclipse project included)
Google Play Example App
Fully compatible with all Stan’s Assets Plugins

Short features list:
* Setup
* Coding Guidelines
* Video Tutorials

Play Service: (Android 2.3+ required)
* Getting Started
* Sign In
* Achievements
* Leaderboards
* Friends
* Saved Games
* Game Gifts
* Quests And Events
* Google Cloud Save
* Real-Time Multiplayer
* Turn-Based Multiplayer

* Google+ Button

* Facebook OAuth API
* Twitter OAuth API
* Native Sharing
* Instagram Sharing

Google Mobile Ad: (Android 2.3+ required)
* All banners supported
* All banners events
* 9 Gravity options + ability to set custom pos
* Interstitials supported
* IAP Ads listener
* Guidelines

More Features:
* Camera And Gallery
* Local Notifications
* Push Notifications (GCM)
* Push Notifications with Parse
* Immersive Mode
* Google Analytics
* App Licensing
* App Info
* External App API
* Poups and Pre-loaders
* Native System Events
* System Utilities
* PlayMaker Actions
* ART mode support (starting from Unity 4.5)

More Info:
* Compatibility
* Manifest Requirements
* Troubleshooting

Supported 3-rd party plugins:
* Playmaker – Artists and Designers: Realize your creative vision without coding! Unlock the power of Unity.

* Simple IAP System – Takes the complexity out of in-app purchases (IAPs) and the billing process as a whole by providing a one-stop solution for managing IAPs.

* OneSignal​ – Boost Engagement With Smart Push Notifications.

* Parce Push Notifications – Creating, scheduling, and segmenting push notifications just got a whole lot easier.

* Anti-Cheat Toolkit – There are always some people around who want to cheat, hack or crack something in your game. Anti-Cheat Toolkit (ACTk) is designed to let you add some extra pain to these nasty persons!

* Soomla Grow – With SOOMLA Grow, traditional analytics fade away. Instead of knowing your users based only on data you collect, you can now study their behavior across thousands of games.


Download Android Native Plugin v7.4


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