Advanced Foliage Shader v.4 [ Best Unity Assets ]

Place grass and foliage with Advanced Foliage Shader just everywhere in your game. Make your vegetation react to any game object’s movement using touch bending …

Where I can download Unity assets for free? How can I get free assets?

How can I download paid assets for free?

Most Unity assets can be downloaded from Geomedia.

Make your vegetation react to any game object’s movement using touch bending, get perfectly lit grass and plants even on steep slopes or just benefit from the most beautiful fading billboards you have ever seen in unity.

Advanced Foliage Shader allows you to easily place grass, trees and bushes on your landscape everywhere in your game

Supported Unity versions5.1.4 or higher

Foliage Shaders
* Physically based shading including translucency, reflection probes, SH ambient lighting and GI
* Procedural wind animations and touch bending
* Support for non directional, directional and specular directional lightmaps
* Physically based wetness

Grass Shaders
* Procedural wind animations
* Slope aware lighting and approximated translucency
* SH ambient lighting and GI
* Lightmapping

Tree and Billbord Shaders
* Improved bending
* Smooth fading between mesh trees and billboards including faded wind animations and lighting as well as camera aligned Billboards
* SH ambient lighting – even on billboards

Most shaders need Shader Model 3.0

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