Animals Full Pack [ Best Unity Assets ]

Get realistic 3d animated animal models for unity. Animals full pack the best 3D Animals assets & packs for your gaming project.

This pack gathers all the protofactor’s animals currently created (24 animals!):

Bear, boar, chicken, cow, crow, duck, elephant, fox, golden eagle, great horned owl, goat, hog, pigeon, rabbit, seagull, sheep, sparrow, deer stag, deer doe, wolf, elephant, rhinoceros, zebra, lion and lioness.

Fully rigged and animated 3d model of any animal, with a walk and run animation and fur.

Where I can download Unity assets for free? How can I get free assets?

How can I download paid assets for free?

Most Unity assets can be downloaded from Geomedia.

The pack offers support for both PBR and Legacy shaders as well as in place and root motion animations.

All rigs are set to mecanim generic. More information about animals full pack in the Unity Assets Store Website

Supported Unity versions 2018.4.2 or higher

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