Action-RPG Starter Kit v4.0 [ Best Unity Assets ]

Create Action RPG Games Easy With Action-RPG Starter Kit

This project is “ Action Role Player template for Unity”. Everyone can easily understand and can apply it for an advanced Action RPG project.

What is the Action-RPG template?

The action-RPG template is the Unity package that allows you to create action RPG games with common features and setups.

This template includes all essential features and settings for RPGs.

The list of all core features:

Core Features!!
– Combat System
– Skill Tree
– Enemy AI
– Save-Load Game
– Shop System
– Enemy Drop Items
– Weapon Swap Model
– Skill and Item Database
– Inventory & Equipment System
– Elemental & Abnormal Status System
– Minimap
– Monster Respawn
– Quest System
– Mecanim Ready
– Swimming Add-on
– Character Selection
– Crafting System
– Pet and Summoning Skill
– Dodge Roll System
– Main / Sub Weapon Switch
– Equipment’s Abilities
– Mounting System

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