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 Voxel Play v7.2.2

voxel play unity asset

Voxel Play is a procedural, quick environment dependent on 3D shapes in addition to an assortment of instruments to accelerate your game enhancement, speed improvement.

It uses exceptionally upgraded code, including geometry shaders, GPU instancing, register cradles, and surface exhibits, to produce excellent, rich, huge vast universes which can be tweaked and reached out from multiple points of view.

Voxel Play provides an integrated solution for sky, terrain, water, vegetation, physics, world interaction, UI, inventory and more.

The goal for Voxel Play is to provide an easy to use but powerful and extensible rule-based voxel engine that fills the open spaces of your world while it allows you to edit any number of areas.

Template based
Voxel Play works with Scriptable Objects to create world, biomes, voxels and model definitions.

Each definition is a set of generation rules plus textures and sounds.

The world is composed of several biomes which model the type and shape of terrain as well as the vegetation.

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