RPG Character Mecanim Animation Pack

RPG Character Mecanim Animation Package

What is the RPG Character Mecanim Animation Pack?

RPG Character Mecanim Animation Pack is a complete set of high-quality RPG Character animations and included physics-based character controller.

RPG Character Mecanim Animation Pack

Unity Asset – RPG Character Mecanim Animation Package includes 1331 polished and professional animations with included gamepad compatible, physics based character controller scripts, ready to drop into your game!

You can also use an existing character controller, or write your own custom controller!

Character is setup with Mecanim’s Humanoid configuration.

RPG Character animations make it easy to change your characters. Full five-finger hand support allows you to accommodate high detail models.

The provided Animation Controller is clean and concise, or you can just use the animations alone and create your own Animation Controller.

Character uses Root Motion for precise movement tracking, with highly tweaked blending for perfect transitions.

RPG Character Mecanim Animation Package

What does the RPG Character Mecanim Animation Pack include?

1331 High quality animations

15 different fighting styles/weapon types: 2 Handed Sword, 2 Handed Axe, 2 Handed Spear, 2 Handed Bow, 2 Handed Crossbow, Staff, Sword,

Mace/Hammer, Dagger, Thrown, Shield, Left/Right/Dual Pistols, Unarmed, Rifle, Spear.

Casting animations for Unarmed/Armed/Staff weaponstyles.

Swimming and Climbing animations.

Full Mecanim Humanoid Skeleton with full 5 finger hand support.

Built-in Headlook controller.

Clean, concise Animator Controller ready to hook into you code.

Full featured, physics based rigidbody Character controller.

New InputSystem control scheme for use with any gamepad.

Included IKHands script to ensure proper hand placement on weapons.

This resource is great for getting you started in a third person, platformer game project.

Nice interface for editing and customization is simple after following the information documentation that comes with it.

Where I can Download the RPG Character Mecanim Animation Pack For FREE?

Download the RPG Character Mecanim Animation Pack FREE from geomedia.gala100.net to test out in your project.

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