Advanced Shooter Kit [ Best Unity Assets ]

Advanced Shooter Kit is a powerful, flexible and simple system for creating a shooter game. 

Make any action game you could imagine, from a simple horror to total warfare, and have them working in minutes!

What is the Advanced Shooter Kit?

Advanced Shooter Kit

The Advanced Shooter Kit will help you create any action shooter or horror game in minutes.
Awesome, just imagine any shooter game or any horror game just in minutes!

What are the features of Shooter Kit?

Powerful fps controller, multiple player states, climbing, head bobbing.

First person gameplay animations, run and move, player body, ironsight, weapon sway.

Melee, Firearms and Launchers inside, create any weapons for your game, from a simple crowbar to a powerful crossbow.

Complete weapons included:

– Crowbar.
– Pistol.
– Assault rifle.
– Grenade launcher.
– Shotgun.
– Hand grenade.
– Rocket launcher.
– Crossbow.

Complete pickups included:
– Weapons.
– Ammunition
– Medicaments.

Damage calculation system, five armor types, regeneration, five difficulty levels, and custom damage points.

Ricochet and Penetration, Any bullets can ricochet off surfaces and penetrate into them.

Advanced Shooter Kit Unity Assets

Smart surface detection, powerful system for play hit effect and footstep sounds.

Flexible input system, input manager can handle axis values as events and bind functions to calling.

Switching projectile types, for example: included simple and explosive arrows for crossbows.

3D HUD based on Unity UI, smart crosshair, damage indicator, health bar, damage pointer, and ammo info.

Easy and flexible API, allows you to quickly and easily setup input actions and call main gameplay functions from code.

Optimized for mobile. You need Touch Controller.

Designed for single-player games.

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Where I can Download Advanced Shooter Kit Unity Asset For Free?

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