Encyclopedia Of American Gun Design And Performance [ Rifles ]

Encyclopedia Of American Gun Design And Performance

Encyclopedia Of American Gun Design And PerformanceBooks : History : English

Size: 150.88 MB | PDF


Encyclopedia of American Gun Design and Performance – Rifles, Edition 1983. Overview of major methods of operation for firearms in the 20th century. While not as detailed as I hoped, this encyclopedia is very helpful in helping the layman understand how firearm actions, extractors, etc. work.




The Naval Battles for Guadalcanal 1942: Clash for Supremacy

The Naval Battles for Guadalcanal 1942: Clash for Supremacy Books : History : English

Size: 24.21 MB | epub


The battle for Guadalcanal that lasted from August 1942 to February 1943 was the first major American counteroffensive against the Japanese in the Pacific. The battle of Savo Island on the night of 9 August 1942, saw the Japanese inflict a sever defeat on the Allied force, driving them away from Guadalcanal and leaving the just-landed marines in a perilously exposed position. This was the start of a series of night battles that culminated in the First and Second battles of Guadalcanal, fought on the nights of 13 and 15 November. One further major naval action followed, the battle of Tassafaronga on 30 November 1942, when the US Navy once again suffered a severe defeat, but this time it was too late to alter the course of the battle as the Japanese evacuated Guadalcanal in early February 1943.This title will detail the contrasting fortunes experienced by both sides over the intense course of naval battles around the island throughout the second half of 1942 that did so much to turn the tide in the Pacific.




Pearl Harbor 1941: The Day of Infamy

Pearl Harbor 1941: The Day of InfamyBooks : History : English

Size: 46.54 MB | epub


December 7, 1941 was one of the single most decisive days of World War II the day that brought the USA into the fight. Six Japanese aircraft carriers disgorged their full complements in two waves on the superior US Pacific Fleet as it lay slumbering in Pearl Harbor. Depending on opposing viewpoints, the attack was either a brilliant maneuver of audacious strategy, or a piece of unparalleled villainy and deception by a supposedly friendly power. This revised edition, containing the latest research on the events of December 7, 1941, reveals several previously unknown aspects of the attack and dispels key myths that have been built up around the fateful day a day, Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared, that would “live in infamy”.




How America Eats: A Social History of U.S. Food and Culture

How America Eats: A Social History of U.S. Food and CultureBooks : Nonfiction : English

Size: 4.67 MB  PDF


In How America Eats, Food historian Jennifer Wallach examines how Americans have produced food, cooked, and filled their stomachs from the colonial era to the present. Due to the complex history of conquest, enslavement, and immigration, the United States has never developed a singular cohesive culinary tradition. U.S. food practices have been shaped by the various groups that have called a certain geographical space home. However, more than fusion and friction between different racial and ethnic groups went into creating American foodways. Wallach demonstrates that technological innovations and ideas about industrialism and progress have also impacted what and how Americans eat. Moreover, the American diet is the product of more amorphous factors, the outgrowth of both shared and competing values. The history of food in America reveals changing and contradictory ideas about subjects including nationality, race, technological innovation, gender, politics, religion, and patriotism.



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