Blender-Archipack PRO: The Fastest Open Source Archviz Solution

Blender-Archipack: The Fastest Open Source Archviz Solution for Creating Stunning OpenBIM Models

This is one of the best blender addons ever created. 

Are you looking for a powerful and efficient open source tool for creating beautiful, detailed, and data-rich OpenBIM models?

Look no further than Blender-Archipack! This innovative software is carefully designed with speed in mind, providing the fastest workflow ever for architects, designers, and visualization artists.

Unmatched Features for an Out-of-the-Box Experience

Blender-Archipack stands out from the competition with its exceptional quantity and quality of features that are part of its core.

This means you don’t have to waste time searching for additional plugins or add-ons to create the models you need.

With Blender-Archipack, everything is right at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on the creative process.

What’s New in Archipack PRO 2.6.0?

Blender-Archipack has been taken to a whole new level with the release of version 2.6.0.

The main class has been refactored, making it much easier to use and allowing for stronger manipulators.

Walls can now snap together seamlessly and create perfectly fitting geometry at intersections when not crossing at 90°.

Ready-to-Render Objects with Unique Textures

Every single object in Blender-Archipack 2.x is UV unwrapped, and cleverly uses a method to randomize textures.

Moreover, with Blender-Archipack 2.6, you can create stunning, photorealistic models without any hassle.

Thanks to its unique method of randomizing textures, even a single tileable texture will never produce two identical planks, beams, or steps of stairs.

As a result, you can achieve remarkable, ready-to-render models right out of the box.

Auto-Manipulate for Effortless Design

With Blender Archipack 2.6, manipulators auto-enable when you select an object, allowing you to effortlessly design your models.

The new presets system for walls allows for fine control of inside/outside materials for each segment, and they now fit perfectly with roofs.

Material assignment for each part is now a breeze using a comprehensive drop-down list with material names.

Improved Material Library Management

Blender-Archipack takes material library management to a new level of efficiency.

You can now effortlessly save or replace materials in the library, and with support for multiple library files, you can keep your materials organized and readily accessible.

This enhanced feature streamlines your workflow and allows you to focus on creating stunning OpenBIM models.

Additionally, the user-friendly interface and comprehensive drop-down list make material assignment for each part a breeze, ensuring that every object has the right material assigned for the perfect finish.

Enhanced Window and Door Features

Blender-Archipack includes support for hung windows and curtain generators, as well as improved window joints and frames between glass panels.

Doors now feature step and sill options, and material assignment even allows for glass panels.

Added Functionality with Geographical Sunlight and Beam Objects

With the addition of geographical sunlight with 350 worldwide city locations (extendable), you can now create models that are truly location-specific.

The new Volume/Area 2D object computes text with those values, updating in real-time when manipulating surrounding walls.

And with the new Beam object, you have support for user-defined profiles, allowing for even more customization.

Get Started with Blender-Archipack Today!

With internationalization support and many bugfixes and improvements, Blender Archipack 2.6 is the ultimate tool for creating stunning OpenBIM models.

Whether you’re an architect, designer, or visualization artist, Blender-Archipack provides an efficient and powerful solution for all your archviz needs.

Download Blender-Archipack PRO 2.6.0 today and start creating!

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