How to find Adobe XD CC 2018 folder [ Best And Easy Way ]

How to find Adobe XD CC 2018 folder [ Best And Easy Way ]

In this video, I’m going to show the easiest way, how to find any folder where is the executable file is located.

For example, I will show you, how to find the Adobe XD CC installation path.
Many people say, that they are can’t find Adobe XD folder.

Unfortunately, we can not see this folder in the same directory, where all Adobe products are installed.
Run Adobe XD CC first, next we need to run Task Manager as administrator.

Type in the Search bar “Task Manager” and right-click Run as administrator.

In the task manager navigate Adobe XD CC, switch to Details tab, right-click on the XD CC.exe process and click Open file location. Done.

By pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del it always starts in standard mode and Windows prevents opening this directory. This method works only when the Task manager runs as administrator.
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