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Quixel SUITE v2.0.2

by galanet
Quixel SUITE v2.0.2

Quixel SUITE v2.0.2

Quixel SUITE v2.0.2

Quixel’s immensely popular NDO and DDO have been completely reimagined, bringing faster texturing experiences than ever. 3DO, a new previewer included with all tools for free, throws physically based rendering into the mix.

– Improved Wacom navigation (now much smoother)
– Added 27 Smart Materials and fine tuned values of various metals
– Added Weathering and Stylized categories to Smart Material library
– Refined all Dynamask presets and added new “Sun Bleach” preset
– Added “Fine Presentation” Post-Processing preset
– Added Blender Cycles export and workflow presets
– Added 5 new Masking Patterns

v2.0.2 Changelog:

2.0.2 update fixes:
Added 3 new painted cast iron Smart Materials
– Added 4 new polymer Smart Materials
– Added 6 new Bakelite Smart Materials
– Added bump values to all painted woods, concretes and metals
– Improved leather, bronze, brass and galvanized steel Smart Materials
– Improved scratches on scratched tarnished Smart Materials
– Reduced repetitive details on certain Smart Materials
– Added Octane (sRGB) export target (for Specular workflows)
– Pressing F now focuses and fits mesh to screen without resetting rotation
– Fixed AssImp error message when importing meshes
– Fixed 3DO resolution error on startup
– Fixed WinTab Context error in 3DO
– Fixed Undo toggle and number of Undos not persistent across sessions
– Added new file browsers in 3DO
– Fixed file browsing crashes in 3DO
– Fixed bug where meshes would become inflated
– Hovering material now shows material path
– Fixed bug where DDO UI would not load after flattening project
– Fixed bug in Dynamask editor where tweaking scale would not update 3DO
– Fixed bug where the DDO UI not would not show on screen
– Fixed bug where source PSDs loaded as white in Toolbag 2
– Attempted fix for issue where the Suite sometimes started behind Photoshop
– Fixed bug where default file name wasn’t updated correctly for saved bakes
– Set initial directory for Bakes / Renders
– Fixed camera rotation speed for when “light spin” is turned on
– Fixed various orthographic view bugs
– Added warning when loading invalid mesh group names
– Fixed Smart Material thumb minor offset bug
– Fixed metalness values for tempered steel Smart Materials
– Prevented rare memory leaks in 3DO
– Fixed bug where Arnold and Blender Cycles presets always exported maps as TIFF

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