3013: Genesis Paperback [ Best Books Collection ]

Mya Spartan has lived a privileged life. She has a family who adores her, work that fulfills her, and enough credits to have everything she’s ever wanted.

However, what she really wants isn’t something that can be bought…

Alphas of their pack, Maddox, Daimon and Tavius Adaro, have created an empire with no equal.

As a traveling sanctuary, New Vega exists beyond Alliance regulations, where the Adaros’ word is law.

The three Krytos brothers are strong, capable leaders who rule their world together.

Nothing could have prepared them for the little female elite who would come to rule their hearts.

Destiny may have led her straight into the arms of the Krytos who want her as their mate, but Mya fears she might not be a match for the three powerful males. 

When a threat turns the floating pleasure palace into a dangerous prison, everything they love is at risk.

The choice is up to Miya, whether she will bravely fight on the side of the Adaro brothers or the fall of the empire will be due to her uncertainty.


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