Microsoft Windows Toolkit 2.6

Microsoft Windows Toolkit 2.6

Microsoft Windows Toolkit 2.6 is the activation tool for the activation of Windows all editions including Windows 10 and all previous editions. It activates Office 2016 and different versions of Office and Windows. It is the most famous and best for the activation o f the different products of the Microsoft.. It is developed by the team of developer DAZ team.This is the combination of Ez-Activator and KMS activation for  the Windows and office activation. Microsoft Office 2016 Activation has both online and offline activated. There is no problem if the internet is not available. The offline activation works fine.

Main Features of Microsoft Toolkit 2.6.6:

Includes all 2.6 versions of this activator:

MS Toolkit 2.6.1
MS Toolkit 2.6.2
MS Toolkit 2.6.3
MS Toolkit 2.6.4
MS Toolkit 2.6.5


  • We have an Office toolkit inside it which will help to activate Microsoft office 2013 and office 2016.
  • Windows Vista along with other versions of windows will also be based on this Activator.
  • DLL Injection LocalHost Bypass can also be functional because it is also part of it.
  • windows 10 Pro ISO and it is all updates will also be based on this windows and Office activator.
  • It features a Win32 API which will help you in creation and deletion of IP Routes.
  • This activator can activate the most recent release to date through the office. So donor rat worries if you’re searching to activate Office 2016.
  • LocalHost Bypass IP Exception can also be useful while using the TAP Adapter Bypass.
  • Even you are able to activate windows greater than 10 occasions with the aid of LocalHost Bypass and you might face 0xC004F074 error
  • Has the advanced built-in TAP Motorists.
  • Additionally, it includes up-to-date form of WinDivert Uninstall



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