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Klippyo Studio – Hundreds Of Exclusive Templates, Extended Video Renders, And Much More

by Ksusha



Make Klippyo Your ‘Forever Tool’ With Unlimited Downloads From Over 300,000 Stunning Audio, Image & Video Assets

… Including, Full-Length Klippyo Kreations, Hundreds Of Exclusive Ready-To-Go Templates, New Extended Video Renders, And Much More…

To our newest member,


And CONGRATULATIONS, with Klippyo in your pocket your competition isn’t going to know what hit them. Especially, with 80 downloadable assets and 10 done-for-you video projects ready and waiting to kickstart your next video project.

Because now, any time you want a video that you KNOW is going to impress and convert – all you need to do is open up Klippyo, choose a video project and customize it to match your campaign.

Blog posts, video ads, social media, and YouTube dominance – they’re all within reach now.

To put it bluntly, by investing in Klippyo today, you’ve done very, very well,

But there’s an added feature we didn’t tell you about yet…

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re making videos for yourself or for clients, you can’t always be perfect.

Sometimes you are fighting against time.

Sometimes you’re fighting a creative block.

Sometimes you are fighting against yourself because you just don’t want to have to make ANOTHER video from scratch.

You can’t rush the process, because mediocre videos won’t get you anywhere.

You can’t just use the same 10 done-for-you sequences every time because as good as they are, you need to keep your marketing fresh.

And while 80 assets are plenty if you’re just making videos for yourself, if you’re making them for clients you could end up running out pretty fast.

But you can’t stop producing videos because that’s your business, right?

So what do you do? The answer is… “Nothing”. We’ve already done it all for you

You’ve Got Access To The Ultimate Resource For People Who Don’t Have Time To Be Constantly Creative.

The world already has too many videos nobody watches. You don’t need to add to them.

Which is why we created Kreator Kreators.

It’s for ALL Klippyo users and perfect for people who don’t have time to create unique videos all day every day.

Plus, it’ll let you short-cut your way into having professionally edited videos it takes most people years to learn the tricks for.

100+ Unique Klippyo Kreations

Enter the Kreator marketplace, and you’ll find 100+ of ready-made video projects in a huge range of niches built by Approved Klippyo Kreators (… these are all ready-made for you, just change some text, and you’ve got a high-quality, professional, engaging video.)

Quality Controlled Designs

You never have to worry about quality, because every video in the Kreator Marketplace must be greenlighted by our Klippyo Kreator Approvals Team before it ever makes it to the marketplace.

Full-Length Sequences…

These videos aren’t just the short clips you pay a fortune for at any of the “big time” stock providers, they are entire 20-40 second sequences ready for you to download, edit, and publish.

Growing Collection…

There are ALREADY 100+ Klippyo Kreations for you to choose from any time you need a sure-fire winner… but to make sure you’re always publishing fresh videos, unmatched in style, we’re adding hundreds more Klippyo Kreations each month.

The Kreator Marketplace is going to be an enormous resource for you, and it’s going to make your life a lot easier by making video creation almost instant.

For a very limited time…

You Can Become A Klippyo Kreator

And Get UNLIMITED ACCESS To The Kreator Marketplace And Enjoy UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS From Over 300,000 Premium Video Assets


every single video sequence in the Kreator Marketplace will be made available to you to use in your business as many times as you like.


the 80 download limit is a thing of the past. Take as many assets as you need, as often as you like.

All you have to bring is the passion, and we’ll bring the rest.

  • Short on time and need a kickass video right now?

    You’ll have it – yesterday!

  • Need to hit a home run without burning through your hard-earned cash?

    Easy, trial 1 video, or 100, and see what brings you the best results.

  • Running video ads?

    Keep your overheads rock bottom while testing multiple videos at once and use the money you’ve saved to plow into an explosive ad campaign

  • Build a team or hire an assistant and give them complete creative control,

    safe in the knowledge that they can use as many videos as they like, and you’re never going to receive a bill for video assets that’d bankrupt Hollywood.

  • Making videos for clients?

    (… Honestly, if you’re making videos for clients, you don’t need to be told why having unlimited access to full length, curated video projects, tailored to any niche, ready and waiting for you to use at the drop of a hat is a powerful position to put yourself in.)

  • And much more…

It’s Not Just Full-Length Video Sequences You’re Getting…

For A Limited Time, Klippyo Kreators Gives You Unlimited Access To A Whole Lot


100 Ready-Made Klippyo Kreations, With More Being, Added Constantly

There’s already 100 Klippyo Kreations waiting for you. These full-length video sequences are ready to pick up and use and mean no matter what niche you’re in, you’ll never be stuck for a ready-made template

Massive Store Of Grade-A Video, Image, and Audio Assets…

The reason we know you’ll always be able to produce videos with a premium look and feel to stay #1 in the eyes of your viewers is that you’ll have UNLIMITED ACCESS an almost infinite amount of resources.

There are currently over 300,000 high-quality videos, images and premium audio tracks to choose from, and the library is growing bigger every month.

Your Video Assets Are Refreshed Every Month…

We’re not adding “20 or 30 new templates” – we’re growing your library with thousands of extra image and video resources each month to ensure it’s bordering on impossible to

(a) run out of stock

(b) make a video that looks like another Klippyo Kreator’s

(c) produce a video that you’re not 110% convinced is your best video ever.

New Intros And Outros Every Single Month…

Access 5 brand-spanking-new intros and outros every month to capture attention, cement brand identity and call your viewers to action – this is on top of an entire library full that you can access today.

Extended Videos

With Klippyo Kreators powering your business you can increase the length of your videos. This allows you to create full-length VSLs, featureless, mini-documentaries, and just about anything a business will need to remain solidly at the top of the pile for years to come.

Always On-Demand…

Klippyo doesn’t close! It’s always there ready to annihilate creative blocks in a flash, and always ready to help you create the best possible videos for any format.

Always Premium…

The fastest, easiest way to take the stress and anxiety out of delivering the kind of video people want to watch on their 60” UHD Quantum Dot TV with a bag of popcorn and a gallon of coke.

Always Royalty-Free…

Your Klippyo Kreations are yours to keep and use with no restrictions forever. Even if you were only a member for 30 days, and you created 100 videos in that time and decided to leave, that’s fine. Your videos. Your rights.

Plus! EXCLUSIVE To Klippyo Kreators, You Can SELL Your Templates To Other Klippyo Users… And Even To Us!

The Kreator Marketplace isn’t just a place for you to find incredible Kreations.

If you’ve signed up to be a Klippyo Kreator, you can SELL the Kreations you make.

Giving you access to the huge in-built audience of Klippyo users. You don’t need to worry about finding buyers for your Kreations, because we’re doing that for you.


All you need to do is build your Kreation and submit it to the marketplace. If it’s approved, we’ll pay you for it, AND you’ll even get paid every time someone purchases it for use.

And not only that, but we are actively looking for businesses who want content created. These opportunities get opened up exclusively to the Kreator community, so you get clients on demand.

This Is A Now Or Never Offer For NEW Klippyo members ONLY.

This is a unique opportunity.

Not only putting yourself in the position of ALWAYS being able to produce stunning videos, with unlimited access to EVERY Klippyo Kreation ever made…

But with the ability to ADD to that collection yourself, and sell your templates to other users without needing to lift a finger.

  • That might just be pocket money to you; a way to cover small daily expenses without dipping into your main accounts.
  • Or it might be a full-blown side gig you can use to generate real cash to feed into growing your main business.
  • Or maybe you want to save for that dream trip you never took, or to cover the repayments on a car loan, or chip away at debt until it’s gone for good without needing to feel the pinch each month.

Either way, worrying about clients and traffic is off your desk for good. Make beautiful video projects. Upload them to the Kreator Marketplace. Wait for your royalties.

That’s it.

This ONE-TIME Opportunity Can Be Whatever YOU NEED IT To Be.

But it’s LIMITED to this page and this launch.

And it’s only being made to you because you’ve made the inspired decision to invest in Klippyo already.

So, it really is now or never.

Once the countdown timer hits zero, you’ll still be able to become a Klippyo Kreator, but unlimited access won’t be available. You’ll be paying $97/month for just 50 downloads/month.

JOIN NOW And Get The Offer Of A Lifetime!

You’ll get UNLIMITED ACCESS and UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS for only $47/month.

That’s a lifetime of downloads for as long as you stay a member, for less than half the price.

It’s UNLIMITED curated full-length video sequences, and it’s a ton of new, fresh, monthly resources that you can’t get anywhere else.

And you get all that and more for just $47 month, but only if you’re quick!

All the best,

Team Klippyo

Get Klippyo Kreators

  • Unlimited Access To The Kreator Marketplace
  • Unlimited Downloads From Over 300,000 Premium Video Assets
  • Thousands Of New Assets To Choose From Each Month
  • 5 New Intros And Outro Every Single Month

Normally $97/month for 50 downloads total on this page only UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS for

ONLY $47/month

Klippyo Kreators Grab It Now

P.S. Klippyo Kreators might not be for you.

You might want to go at it alone. You might relish the challenge, the stress, the niggling fear that you’re not good enough, the extra expenses, and the constant feeling that you’re running out of time because you can’t produce new video fast enough.

And that’s fine.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners operate exceptionally well under those conditions. Some people NEED it.

But those people don’t know how good being a Klippyo Kreator feels.

And at $47/month to remove all the stress from one of the most important aspects of your business, it’s worth a look. Especially as you can cancel at any time.

Worst case scenario sees you walking away in 30 days having let us curate potentially hundreds of videos sequences for you to use in your business. For just $47! But we’re prepared to take that risk because we know when you see what you can do, you’ll want to stay.

Bottom Line:

Right now, you can access a truly revolutionary video creation service (the first of its kind), that promises to make your videos better, your life easier, and even provide a second (and third) income stream. And if you try it TODAY, then you’ll pay more than 50% less than everyone else will pay.

Click the button below, and get started right away

Get Klippyo Kreators

  • Unlimited Access To The Kreator Marketplace
  • Unlimited Downloads From Over 300,000 Premium Video Assets
  • Thousands Of New Assets To Choose From Each Month
  • 5 New Intros And Outro Every Single Month

Normally $97/month for 50 downloads total on this page only UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS for

ONLY $47/month

Klippyo Kreators Grab It Now

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