cFosSpeed 10.22 Build 2290 [ Very useful, Final Full ]

cFosSpeed 10.22 Build 2290, full download



cFosSpeed is a powerful internet traffic optimization tool that optimizes bandwidth, reduces ping, and maintaining high transfer rates to speed up internet connection. By using cFosSpeed, you can use your internet connection as fast as possible as its full bandwidth, and improve Internet latency while maintaining high transfer speeds. The software ensuring excellent performance and maximum download rates of your internet connections, you can adjust the thread’s priority, and more.

cFosSpeed is more than just internet optimizer, but it also has bandwidth management functionality. It also reduces network congestion, enables and disable program to use internet connection with filter firewall, traffic classifications, and more.

– Adjustable routes for several IPs
– Advanced data and packet logging
– Has many advanced config & features
– Individual rules with filter language
– Low-latency mode with auto optimization
– Multiple connections simultaneously
– Overview of usage graph connections
– Protocol Analysis with prioritization
– Routing router & dial-up connections
– Supports Cable, DSL, PPPoE, etc.
– TX and RX-Shaping traffic shaping
– And many more.

What’s new in version 10.22 Build 2290:
– The Metro skin now has a button in the right lower corner to toggle the current speed variables and the new current max speed variables. So you always can check what speed your connection achieved recently.
– Added curr_max_rx and _tx variables that hold the current line speed, in contrast to maxrx, maxtxacked and maxtxraw that hold the maximum speeds ever achieved. These variables are also available for skins and WMI as curr_rx_scale and curr_tx_scale.
– The “Add Program” dialog now lets you select between currently used programs and all programs you used.
– Fixed empty values in usage graph, thanks to Stef.
– Fixed help links in settings dialogs.
– Fixed a possible CPU hog in the cFosSpeed service if adapters had empty names.
– The “/ProgramData/cFos/cFosSpeed/logs” sub-directory wasn’t created. Fixed. This bug was introduced in v10.15.2281. Thanks to Contor, again.
– The list of used programs was not properly updated when adding a program to the program priority list. Fixed, thanks to Contor.
– Fixed ping statistics dialog.
– Fixed a caching problem with the new dialogs. The “restore defaults” button should now work again.
– Fixed empty statistics values in the usage graph.
– Internal changes for upcoming, new product feature. (No, don’t ask yet)
– Changed avg_time settings: 2 sec for the PPPoE/A, PPTP, AAL5 and VDSL modes, 4 sec for all others, including adaptive. This setting is the minimum time for speed measurements to calculate max speeds, so it evens out spikes in traffic speed.

Install notes:
– install the program, after installation the program will start automatically
– turn off the program in the tray (the icon in the lower right corner of the desktop next to the system clock)
– depending on the operating system, the content of the “Crack 32bit” or “Crack 64bit” folder is copied to the main program directory.
– the default directory is C: / Program Files / cFosSpeed
– restart your computer


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