Anime Painting Video Tutorial [ Free Video Tutorials ]

Anime Painting Video Tutorial

Learn how to create an awesome anime comic painting of Alice, the main character from the timeless Lewis Carroll novel, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

This Course Contains Next Video Tutorials:

  • How to Lay in Flat Colors for Your Anime Comic Painting
  • How to Work With Layers in Photoshop
  • How to Adjust Colors Like a Professional
  • How to Move Around Your Anime Comic Painting Quickly and Easily
  • How to add Realistic Shadows to Your Anime Comic Painting
  • How to add Highlights to Your Artwork

How to draw

Watch Anime Painting Video Tutorial

01 – Laying in Flat Colors.mp4

02 – Putting Flat Layers in Clothes.mp4

03 – Color Adjustment.mp4

04 – Color Adjustment part 2.mp4

05 – Color Variety.mp4

06 – Adding Shadow.mp4

07 – Adding Highlights.mp4

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