Nvidia – Shield Tablet :15

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15 sec spot, introducing the next version of Nvidia’s high performance tablet for serious gamers.



Role: 2D Animation / HUD Design
Date: Jun 2014
Client: Nvidia
Produced at: Imaginary Forces

Director: Miguel Lee
Executive Producer: Ben Apley
Head of Production: Claudina Mercado
Producer: Franceska Bucci, JJ Gerber
Designers: Jeff Han, Miguel Lee, Kina Choi, Randy Cano
Additional Design: Edmund Liang, My Tran
Previsualization: Ryan Summers, Miguel Lee
Lead Animator / Look Development / Compositing: John Kim
Animators: Kina Choi, Ben Hurand
UI Design / Animation: Christian Haberkern, Ryan Massiah
Modellers: Aamir Karim, Deandre Moore
Additional Modelling: Meats Meiers
Interns: Jay Kim, Sam Davidson, Kathy Liang, Charles Wang, Chloe Woo
Editorial: Miguel Lee, Caleb Wood
Music / Sound Design: Mark Share
Coordinator: Dominic Guglielmo

Agency: AKQA
Creative Director: Gabe Johnson
Creative Director: Stephen Clements
Art Director: Andrew Wendling
Producer: Craig Batzofin
Project Manager: Casy Lary
Management Supervisor: Adam Chinciolo
Senior Account Executive: Suzanne Montgomery

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